Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jackman & McRoss


Straight off a French Film movie scene, Jackman & McRoss easily fulfilled my Parisian dream as it set off that whimsical vibe the moment I lay my eyes upon it. Those aged European faux brick walls, old-newspaper type font, and the classic wooden caned chairs collectively painted a perfect picture.


Flat White

We spent the start of our day reading up on terrorism with a cup of Flat White to start. Thumbs up to the coffee, it was tasteful.


Okay I'm just kidding, I didn't actually touch on the news, Jan did. I was only admiring at all sorts of tarts, danish pastries, baguettes, brioches and all other sweet treats Jackman & McRoss has to offer.


Since it was still early in the am, most of the customers who came by were working professionals and do daily coffee and pastry takeouts. Loving this kind of crowd and I am always allured to that busy morning businessmen/women scene before they head to work (Don't judge my weirdness). Commitments and responsibilities keeps my adrenalin going. Can't wait to graduate, I'm probably one of the very few people who couldn't wait to proceed to the working world.


Scrambled Eggs Wrapped In Salmon On Aioli, Rocket & Danish Pastry, 11AUD

All that small talk aside, we ordered this Scrambled Eggs Wrapped in Salmon Pastry. This dish is the signature item of 
Jackman & McRoss and lots of tourists and locals come here for the chance to have a bite on it. Our verdict was that we el oh vee ee loved it! The scrambled eggs stays firm but delicate and airy within while it sits on a soft, flaky pastry. My god, what a creation.


Vanilla Slice W Crème Patisserie, Fresh Strawberries & Brisse Pastry, 7.80AUD

The other pastry we ordered was a sweet option. This dish reminded me me of sweet German strudels but with an extra layered white chocolate slathered on top for extra morning sweetness. Within was only sweetened custard with strawberries but we both thoroughly enjoyed this option as well nonetheless. A pity we only shared two dishes because we already have lunch plans in two hours time.


Here I go close-up and personal trying to showcase some of 
Jackman & McRoss beautiful array of savoury and sweet nibblets.


Full of flavour, or having it plain, it suits all moods.


Today we spent the quiet morning wasting hours in a cafe conversing on plans and dreams of the future. From time to time, we let our senses soak in the atmosphere as we savour each passing moment. Jackman & McRoss reminded me how to daydream, and I love that it did. When I first entered into Jackman & McRoss, my expectation was high. The best part was that I came out feeling more contented than expected. Seriously, for all of you who are like me, a sucker for European inspired bakeries, you must head down to Jackman & McRoss to give it a go.

Jackman & McRoss
59 Hampden Road, Battery Point
Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Tel: +(61) 03 6223 3186

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flathead Fish Cafe


Feeling 'fishy' that day. We scoured on multiple sites and stumbled upon Flathead Fish Cafe, so we drove over to try out. Service was quick and before we know it, food was already on the table. Both our entree and main course came at the same time. Good, that way we get to eat both at the same time. Mmmhmmm lets eat.


Creamy Potato & Leek Soup, 10AUD

We started out a soup bowl with warm house bread on the side. The Creamy Potato and Leek Soup's starchy texture made it memorable. There's also plenty of smoked salmon within and we both enjoyed every single scoop. Perfect for a cold winter night.


The Lot, 29AUD

For the main course, we both had The Lot plate consisting of a
battered blue eye, a Thai fish cake, prawn cigars, cajun crumbed squid, chips, house salad and tartare on a saucer. Everything on the plate was delicious, other than the fact that we both thought the price was a little steep for the amount of food on the plate. Fries don't always do the trick. Many restaurants put more of it to increase the size portion, but no, I rather have more fish than chips. If there's one thing they could put differently on a plate, that would be it. All in all, we both still had an enjoyable meal at Flathead Fish Cafe.

Not the best decision but, right after we finished our meal we went back to Salamanca to hunt for Tasmania's pie pride, the curried scallop pie. Boy, that was good.

Flathead Fish Cafe
4 Cascade Road, South Hobart
Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Tel: +(61) 03 6224 3194

Mon to Sat: 8am-10.30pm
Sun: Closed

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Machine Laundry Cafe


French Toast, 15.50AUD

We did lots of research when it comes to brunch places. Machine Laundry Cafe comes up on top of the list on many sites. It wasn't at all a fluke, each dish was perfected with finesse. A dish as simple as French toast or scrambled eggs was elevated extraordinarily. First off, I was blown away by my two pieces of French Toast infused with mandarin orange flavour, covered in curd and drizzled with crunchy pistachio bits. Three jam options for me to further spread these toasties on. My personal favourite was the creamy chocolate ganache. It was dark but sweet, rich in flavour and texture at the same time. Eat it on its own or mix all the three jam components together and my god it was divine.


The Old New Egg Dish, 14AUD

Jan said these scrambled eggs were one of the best he's ever had. The texture of the egg was silky and buttery with beetroot relish that melts within. Just basic ingredients done impressively. Bravo!  These scrambled eggs were paired with garlic sourdough underneath and wildrockets on top.


Chorizo, 3.50AUD

Jan added a bowl of chorizo on the side because he can't do without meat. Oh you know, boys...


Machine Laundry Cafe has laundry machines lined up for you so you could bring your dirty laundry in, wash them and then proceed to the cafe to have a cuppa. What a smart way to diversify your business into. Surprisingly, they do this a lot in Tasmania its quite a common sight.


There are also seats for you to sit at outside the cafe. A pity, all of the customers chose to sit inside because it was freezing that morning. It was really packed inside and we had to wait 15 minutes to get a table. I bet you in summer this place would be a hot spot, especially because its situated in Battery Point district, at Salamanca Square.

Machine Laundry Cafe
Shop 12 Salamanca Square, Battery Point
Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Tel: +(61) 03 6224 9922

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Jack Greene Bar


The first bite was heavenly. It was like god bestowed upon my tongue and blessed it. Jack Greene Bar is the real deal, it was no question, our favourite dinner place throughout our 9 day trip in Tasmania. No one ever miss Salamanca Place on Battery Point when visiting Hobart. Jack Greene Bar is located along the pier, facing the harbour. Without a doubt, the best food at the best location of Hobart.


Beef & Bacon Burger, 17AUD

If you're looking for a huge quality burger, Jack Greene Bar serves just so. Jan chose the Beef & Bacon Burger while I chose the Pulled Pork. I recommend sharing burgers so you could get a taste of many bursting flavours. Its easy to perfect a good quality patty or steak, but the whole collective combination of items in a  burger have to blend well together. The patty at Jack Greene was perfectly tender as it was a Tasmanian grass fed wagyu beef they used. The cheese within were the finest Tasmanian grown gruyere produced from Heidi Farms, which had a sweet, nutty and concentrated flavour that complements the patty and bacon. Oh sweet heaven. Alongside the lettuce, beetroot and tomatoes, they drizzled two types of sauces, smoky barbecue sauce, and garlic aioli.


Pulled Pork Burger, 17AUD + Chips, 4AUD

The presentation made it all the more palatable with a wooden tray bringing out the rustic-ism and grunge-ness. This burger sure has its own aggressive personality screaming: "Eat me!" or "You know you want me!" The pulled pork was over the top delicious with just the right amount of salt and acidity, and just enough sweetness that comes from the caramelised pineapple within. Added with additional sweet chili and mayonnaise for an extra oomph in your mouth. On the side, these chips were very lightly seasoned, but crusty enough to stand out on its own. And the best part? Jack Greene uses cholesterol free oil.


Inside the restaurant feels like an overloaded grunge bar, but still a cozy one. There was also live performance music and a bar counter to order fine alcohol.


Unlike Melbourne, Hobart doesn't get much tourists during winter. I think we're the only ones here tonight.


I don't think I'll visit Tasmania anytime soon, but if I do, I'll be back here for sure.

Jack Greene Bar
41 Salamanca Place, Battery Point
Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Tel: +(61) 03 6224 9655

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Calm And Comfy


On the way from Strahan to Lake St Clair and we passed by Meadowbank Lake. These pictures were intentionally taken as tourist shots. But since my outfit of the day blends so well with the vastness of calm waters and blue sky, I became too excited and want to share this harmonious blend with you guys. A sweater is always the easiest and the most comfortable piece you can find in the wardrobe especially during winter periods. To avoid being too bland, the tribal-esque print made it easy for me, just chug it and go, its all so mindless and no accessories needed (other than the scarf to keep me warm). Now I'm already back in Melbourne in the comfort of my home but currently still daydreaming of Tasmanian beauty.

Outfit: Sweater, Sportsgirl // Denim Pants, Forever 21 // Snow Boots, Thrifted // Scarf, Burberry // Sunglasses, Giorgio Armani

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Banjo's Bakery Café


Early morning before leaving Strahan, Jan and I drove back to the row of restaurants along The Esplanade for breakfast. 
Banjo's Bakery Café has many chains across Australia, so we thought its the safest bet to go for good quality breakfast.


Skinny Cappuccino, 4.20AUD

I started out with a mandatory cup of coffee because I was still probably half asleep at the time. I don't like adding sugar to my coffee, what about you? The Cappuccino at Banjo's Bakery Café had just the perfect bitterness for me.


Steak Pie, 4.80AUD + Vegetarian Roll, 4.10AUD 

We had ordered an extra pie and a roll for take away in case we're hungry on the road. There's many Steak Pie variations to choose from. There are 'Pepper steaks', 'Steak and Mushrooms', 'Steak and Bacon', 'Steak and Cheese'. We picked the Steak and mushrooms.


Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Pita, 8.50AUD

Tasmanian salmon is the state's pride, so I figured that I should try the Smoked Salmon Pita. I love the mixture of smoked salmon with red onions, cream cheese, rocket and iceberg lettuce. It was perfect, except that there was too much dill mayo spread within. Can't wait to go home to recreate my very own version of salmon pita.


Breakfast With The Works, 17.50AUD

I have always never liked ordering Big Breakfast because rationally, I could make the very same plate for one-fifth of the selling price. But well, Jan was really hungry so he wanted something big. It came out not too big after all. There's poached eggs with bacon, tomato, mushrooms, sourdough, and red pepper tomato relish. I spy them sausages are missing, and what's The Big Breakfast without sausages?!!! He was slightly disappointed but I was happy with my pick.



Not just within, out on the corridor there is also seating areas to watch ferries go by and people feeding ducks. A very comfortable morning indeed.


Great coffee from Banjo's Bakery Café, I've got to get another! Now I'm ready to hit the road again. Next stop: Lake St Clair at Central Tasmania.

Banjo's Bakery Café
Restaurant Row On The Esplanade, Strahan
Strahan, Tasmania 7468

Tel: +(61) 03 6471 4203

Mon to Sun: 6am-6pm

Banjo's Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hamers Bar And Grill


Spicy Crumbed Pork Cutlet, 26.50AUD

After a long day of cruising with World Heritage Cruises exploring the Gordon River, we went back to our inn to rest and finally got ready for dinner. Since it was a small town with limited choice of restaurants available, we were pretty easy with options for dinner. Something good from a stretch of restaurants near the Strahan Harbour would do it. We picked Hamers Bar And Grill because it stood out to us the most. It also seemed to be the most crowded restaurant around town. We saw some familiar faces, people taking the same cruise ride with us here at the very same restaurant. I'm not exaggerating when I said this town is incredibly small. I bet everyone who stays in this town all know each other.

Jan had the Pork Cutlet which was absolutely delicious. The amount of meat was just enough, but the crushed potatoes was too much to balance out with the protein. We had ample amount of wilted spinach which wasn't really seasoned, but the apple relish made up for it. It was a concoction of sweet and sour harmonized as one. We could only wish there were more of it. However, I still think pork cutlets go best with sweet apple chutneys rather than relish, even compote or puree.


Braised Lamb Shanks, 26AUD

I went for the Braised Lamb Shank cut accompanied with mashed chats, some buttered spinach, fetta, olives and a stalk of rosemary. The sauce of the lamb shank has a marinara flair and the meat was absolutely tender. But again, too much potatoes were served. Of course they could've given us more lamb meats for us to really enjoy that whole amount of mash. Jan loved my version of fetta mixed into the mashed chats.


Overall we both preferred the Pork Cutlet dish over the Lamb Shank, and just wished both mashed potatoes could switch plates.

Hamers Bar And Grill
31 Esplanade, Strahan
Strahan, Tasmania 7468

Tel: +(61) 03 6471 4335

Hamers Hotel Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

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