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Wednesday, October 7, 2015



You guys all know how much I miss Melbourne, and boy was I glad to find a piece of it in Seminyak. We were only at Seminyak for a day because we spent the rest of the days and nights closer to Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. Seminyak is the region where hipster cafes, famous restaurants, knick knack shops are located. We queued for a good 15 minutes before stepping in here.


The place is infested with mostly caucasians, and it was a reminiscent of Melbourne's brunch scene.


Flat White, 30 000RP + Pash Me Smoothie, 45 000RP + The Warrior, 45 000RP

We invited our driver for brunch because he had been so helpful and kind. I ordered a Flat White, and although I could taste the aromatic coffee within, the mug was rather huge, and it tasted more like a latte than a Flat White. On the other hand, the other two brunch companions opted for smoothies to beat the all year round summer vibe. The Pash Me consisted of passionfruit, berries, mango, coconut nectar and housemade nut milk. The Warrior was a mixture of banana, dates, soy milk, coconut nectar and peanut butter.


Polenta Fries, 50 000RP

 Enjoy this warm and you won't regret how sinful it is. The warm polenta chips were drizzled in parmesan and it created a webby texture as it melts on the body. I reckon that the cheese would taste better if it were still cold and fresh, but the melted outcome was still as good. We dipped every single one of them in the truffle aioli, and I can only tell you that every mouthful was heavenly experience.


Sisterfields Dirty Burger, 90 000RP

We always say that the dirtier the burger, the tastier it would be. The beef patty was weighed at 160 grams, served with smoked cheddar, onion rings, a little bit of mustard and aioli. To be honest it felt like an expensive take on a Burger King set meal. It tasted good, but I just can't forgo the thought that it shares identical qualities with Burger King or Hungry Jacks on my mind.


Pan Fried Salt And Pepper Squid, 70 000RP

The squid tasted lovely and it could very well taste as good if it were to be deep fried. The squid and salad as a whole were light, fresh and bursting with Vietnamese flavours with every spoonfuls.


Eggs Benedict + Smoked Salmon, 90 000RP

My sister went for the classic Eggs Benedict on toast. Aside of the usual hollandaise, red pepper pesto was poured over for an extra oomph. You could either opt for salmon or bacon to go with. We were just a little disgruntled when the salmon came out cooked as we prefered it raw. A good raw smoked salmon would have made it a much better dish as a whole.

Sisterfields reminds me of Melbourne in so many ways. Just a little tweaks here and there would have made it perfect. Its still far from par of the quality standards with Melbourne brunch places, but they are almost there. Keep it up.

Jl. Kayu Cendana
Seminyak, Kuta, Bali
Indonesia 80361

Tel: +(62) 21 3619 0505 07

Mon to Sun: 10am-5pm

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Within My Dreams


Increase our faith so we may see
What you're doing in our lives
And all that we'll accomplish in you
So our faith begins to rise

We need to be reminded, Lord,
Of the small mustard seed
And how the same amount of faith
Moves Mountains if we believe

As we walk in pure obedience
With confidence in you,
Our faith begins to grow and flourish,
Bearing more abundant fruit

We must go beyond the limits
Of our comfort zones,
Our faith is activated at those times
When we walk into the unknown

For it's when the safety net is gone,
We realise we need our Lord,
When there's nothing left to fall back on,
We must lean on God much more

And faith is released in our hearts
As we bend our knee to pray;
We shall be strengthened as we walk
And commit to Him each day.

© By M.S.Lowndes

Saturday, October 3, 2015



Double Scoop (Snickers + Matcha)

Gusto was said to be one of Bali's best with ratings that don't lie. We treated ourselves to a gelato date, because what more shall we do under the blazing sun? In the daytime, visiting cafes and gelato places seemed to be the most ideal solution. I ordered the Snickers & Matcha after sampling out several. There are various sweet and sorbet options and the choices are many. The Snickers are one of their signatures and it is to die for. Definitely almost up on par to gelatos produced in sunny side Melbourne.


You are required to pay on the counter first before proceeding to select which gelato you want, and that reason being is pretty self explanatory.


The cafe's interior is rather basic with orange and grey to fill up the spaces. There is also an outdoor garden with seats available where some people rather have the cool gelato at, than having it indoors. The outside is also spacious and I find many light a cigarette while enjoying their cone or cuppa.

Jl. Mertanadi No.46, Kerobokan
Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Tel: +(62) 21 0361 5522 190

Mon to Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: Closed

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rock Bar


Rock Bar is one of Bali's pride when it comes to experiencing sunset to the vibrant nightlife. The bar is located at one of Bali's finest, Ayana Resort, and it faces the west. We were able to watch the sunset and grasp that salty breeze that lingers in our hair. The bar stands along the surfacing the edges of the cliffs. We loved the DJ of the night and experienced magnificent views and vibe over a glass of drink and tapas to share.


We arrived at Ayana Resort and waited in line for the lift that takes only several people from to the top down to the bar. The lift is like a slow mini train ride that gradually glides down a track so you get views of the bar from high and low angles.


I must say that the moss masking over the rocks created a sense of earthiness that actually beautifies the setting even more.


Traveling companion, just her and I in Bali.


Dim Sim Platter + Beef Chorizo Corn Dogs

For the array of tapas, the dim sim comes in a bamboo steam case and non spicy chili stone bowl in the middle. The irony was that none are steamed, but all are fried. We also had the mouthwatering corn dogs paired with a bowl of cheese sauce, and cheese sauce never goes wrong.


Salmon Avocado Roll

I am intrigued with sushi served on a rugged hot stone, and that alone made the dish special.


We had these food right after the sun sets, as we were pretty much caught up with taking pictures and appreciating the moment when the sunset happens.


I have not been to many bars, but I can assure you that Rock Bar is one of Bali's best as told by many friends and suggested reviews online. You cannot miss it if you are ever in Bali.


I say.. magnifique.

Rock Bar
Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Ayana Resort and Spa
Jimbaran, Bali

Tel: +(62) 21 361 702 222

Mon to Thu: 4pm-1am
Fri to Sat: 4pm-2am
Sun: 4pm-1am

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sunny Tropics


Arrived in Bali and this was what I wore on the first day. We were waiting for the sun to not shine at its harshest before we decided to go out to play. We enjoyed just the quiet noon in our balcony couch at The Ritz Carlton of Nusa Dua.


Went to The Rock Bar with this outfit and it was the perfect way to go. It was a warm day and tank top was simply necessary. At the same time I feel protected from the sudden breeze attacks with these printed leaves pants. On a side note, I'll blog about The Rock Bar on another day.


I'm enjoying every bit of Bali and I wish I could take you all with me to see how gorgeous this place I am staying at is. I love going to places and wearing the part. I am telling you, salmon and black is always a good idea.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meet & Greet With Ladyironchef In Jakarta

EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest to meet Ladyironchef at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry


When Brad Lau, aka, Ladyironchef came to Jakarta for a meet and greet session, we were pleased to be invited to this exclusive event. We love the intimacy of being in just such a small group. Ladyironchef is perhaps the most well known food blogger in South East Asia and we were honoured to be able to meet such an inspiring individual. He often shares his thoughts for food, travel and lifestyle through his platform at www.ladyironchef.com. As a regular reader, I love reading his pieces and he has helped me so much with exploring places and being my virtual guide that I can access to almost anywhere. Brad came with his fiancé, Melody, and we all had a wonderful evening at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry.


We were treated with a selection of tapas that Chef Arnold and his team has prepared for us. Chef Arnold Poernomo is a judge for Masterchef Indonesia, while his brother, was a fellow Masterchef Australia season 7 contestant who made it to the top 4. We were extremely pleased with the array of small treats that were all delicious.


Chef Arnold in the kitchen


Cake decorating competition


With Brad


With Chef Arnold Poernomo


We hope to see these faces again in the near future, they are seriously the nicest bunch.

Friday, September 25, 2015

GIA Restaurant & Bar


I invited Jan and a couple of friends to celebrate my Birthday dinner at GIA Restaurant & Bar. First of all, I am so grateful to have friends from Melbourne University that stay in Jakarta because I am practically a tourist in my own town. The restaurant was recommended by my girl Felisa and she knows all the best places to eat, seriously, I don't know what I would do without you girl. My requirements were simple, to have a meal in a classy restaurant serving great Italian food. GIA Restaurant & Bar definitely served that need. The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful venue of Kuningan, at the Sampoerna Strategic Square, the tobacco investment centre.


This place is highly sought after and we probably would not have seats if we 
didn't book reservations for a Friday night in.


Complimentary Bread

The breads given were lovely as it comes in two colours, the black and the normal. Both breads have sweet onion fillings and you traditionally should eat them with olive oil, which was given but not shown in the picture. I requested for butter instead because everything gets better with butter. The crackers were also a nice touch.


Milanese Pizza, 175 000 RP

To start, we had two pizzas to share. What caught our eyes was what was recommended by the waiter, the Milanese Pizza. As its name would suggest, you cannot get more Milan than toppings of san daniele ham, pork crackers, and fresh cheeses. This was my favourite pizza out of the two.


Salame Piccante Pizza, 105 000 RP

The Salame Piccante was a more spicy option. Spicy pork chorizo was used with the addition of more heat from cut out fresh chillies. Its a tomato based pizza and I loved the that stinging spice, but I know that many people would not be a fan with the level of heat. By all means if you hate spicy food, request for the piccante to be taken out, because the spicy pork chorizo heat sould be just enough bearable for those spicy intolerant.


We were the first ones in followed by a group of ladies celebrating a bachelorette's party right behind us. This place is a place of celebration and many celebrate it here. On a side note, most waiters are Indonesian who speak fairly good English. There was a particular caucasian guy wearing a chef's outfit that went out of his kitchen for a bit, and we can only assume the chef is Italian.


Bottarga La Pasta, 135 000 RP

Indonesian pastas are surprisingly good and this one is no different. The Bottarga is one of GIA's signature. The pasta was cooked with salted and cured tuna, also called as the tuna bottarga. The style of cooking was aglio olio. To freshen things up, cherry tomatoes, chilli and some fresh herbs was used to make the dish from good to great. The crumbs you see above was Silican crumbs, and they were more than just amazing. That little bit of crunch against the al dente pasta was a heavenly concoction.


Pancetta, 255 000RP

I love a good meat with a side of carbs and greens. Here we have a crispy pork belly with a side of chickpeas puree, onions, arugula, tomatoes, rockets and aged balsamic. Many individual ingredients here are just as simple as they can get, but a mixture of everything really hits the spot.


Scoglio La Pasta, 135 000 RP

Another favourite of ours was the Scoglio cooked in the style of aglio olio. The pasta was cooked in white wine pinot grigio sauce. The seafood combination included mussels, prawns and tender baby squids.


Saltimbocca, 220 000RP

A thin layer of baby veal beef was pan fried with chardonnay wine and we had it with San daniele ham. For the greens, there are nicely poached asparagus and tomatoes included. The roasted baby potatoes was just enough to be addictive, but not too much that we have to leave it behind. All in all this was overall a favourite dish of mine.


Fettuccine La Pasta, 145 000 RP

The Fettucine is thicker than supermarket fettucines, but I assure you the freshness of the pasta. The pasta was probably made in house. Cooked with it were pork sausages and portobello mushrooms as the main core companion. The sauce used was carbonara, and ingredients used are fixated to the basic old classic.


Cosciotto Di Anatra, 165 000 RP

Above a bed of white beans lay a confit duck leg, slathered in crispy fried onions. The meat was seriously delicious especially combining the duck jus with the duck meat and the crispy onions altogether. Cosciotto Di Anatra was indeed another brava.


Mandatory birthday shot with my man after our meal


This crew of mine are my Aussie and American mates. They made my life in Jakarta so much better and less lonelier. I am really thankful to have them by my side today. Celebrating a Birthday celebration can be as simple as having a dinner with a couple of friends. Creating moments of a good time are what I seek because 
that's something irreplaceable, and not easy to attain if it weren't for this bunch.


As I turn a year older, I aim to achieve greater things in life and to have it sorted out. The first step out of uni is often a bundle of mess, but I am determined to pluck the weeds out and start growing my seeds. Cheers to a great start, and I hope to continue to share insightful thoughts through this platform of mine.

GIA Restaurant & Bar
Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman
Setiabudi, Jakarta 12190

Tel: +(62) 21 5795 3300

Mon to Thu: 11.30am-2pm
Fri to Sat: 11.30am-2pm
Sun: 11.30am-2pm

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